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Welcome everybody to my Baby Tech Guru website. I’m Tasneem Harnekar, the founder of Baby Tech Guru. I started this website to provide reviews on tech-enabled baby products. As new parents (or those planning to be new parents), you deserve to know what exists out there that can make the adjustment to parenting easier on you and your baby, providing a safer and more caring environment. This website will hopefully provide unbiased information on products that you are aware of and also those that you would like to be aware of but haven’t come across yet.

So Why Was I Inspired to Create This Website

While I’ve always been a bit of a techie, I only really became aware of the vast array of technologies available in the baby sector when my niece was born.

Living in the same home as my sister and niece, I had a curbside seat to the discussions on which product to go with and which not to go with. I quickly realized the thought, time and research that went into this choice and the difficulty that existed in comparing the different products and even understanding what exactly was available. Now I’d always been aware of the vast array of baby products that existed (several prior baby showers had made sure of this!) but the experience of entering a store and seeing rows and rows of options is entirely different when what is being considered is for someone close to you.

Making the right choice is suddenly a MUCH bigger deal.

Having no experience in this area myself, I watched as my sister turned to friends and family who had kids, getting their advice on which brand and products to go with. Listening in on these discussions, you quickly realize most opinions and recommendations are based on what someone has used themselves and what one person recommends is not the same as the recommendation of another.

Most importantly the world has evolved – what was relevant even 2 or 3 years ago is completely outdated. The pace at which baby products change is quite relentless with very little to keep track of it. As with most things, people have figured out ways to make tasks that previously took a long time much easier to do and innovated to fill the gaps in what was available.

So the World has Evolved

The evolution of the baby sector has led to many new technologies and tech-enabled products. As a techie (and millennial), this is a field I innately find interesting.

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Because the baby sector is so large, the solutions that exist span across many areas, i.e. health, monitoring, toys, development, etc. With so much out there to consider that has changed (especially since our parents took care of us) navigating this area requires information to make the right choice.

As a new parent, you deserve to be kitted out with the best that aligns with how you wish to go about the parenting journey. You deserve to make an informed decision, understanding the pros and cons of each product you use. After all, there is no one size fits all approach to raising a baby and what is the most important decision factor to one parent may differ to another parent.

Informed is Forearmed

With such an expensive journey it’s worthwhile making sure that the products you buy are fit for the purpose you want it to do rather than only the job it was designed to do.

So have a look around at what is out there on the market and if you have anything to share, please get in touch as I would love to hear it.

All the best with the new journey you are undertaking,


Founder of Baby Tech Guru

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